Key Projects

New Approaches towards Research, Diagnosis and Therapy: funding programme to enable scientists’ research projects in the field of medicine that promise a breakthrough in the sense of developing a new therapeutical approach or the revision of generally accepted textbook knowledge.
Key Projects: New approaches towards research, diagnosis and therapy

Applications can be submitted at any time.

The Foundation’s aim with this funding measure is to find projects that have the potential to lead to fundamental discoveries that are groundbreaking for an entire field of research. This could be, for example:

  • evidence of a causal connection that was previously lacking,
  • testing of a previously non-existent or unworkable hypothesis,
  • questioning of a previously generally accepted theory, a “proof of principle” or a “first-in-man” examination of an innovative intervention approach,
  • or even a clinical trial that has the potential to significantly transform guidelines (with the exception of phase III pharmaceutical trials).

It is in the nature of going beyond the boundaries of previous limits of knowledge that such key projects can often not be assigned to any particular field or any thematically defined call for applications.


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Addressees Eligible to Apply
Applications can be made by scientists who have gained international recognition in their area of research and who have had outstanding publications in relevant fields. The applicants should provide convincing evidence that their work group is particularly suited – also in the competitive international context – to solving the problem at hand through the interplay between expertise, preparatory work or even infrastructure.

Both human and material resources may be applied for as necessary and scientifically justified for implementation of the planned project. The funds shall be allocated in a two-stage procedure. Prior to the time-consuming formulation of a full application, a draft proposal should be submitted first. The topicality and potential of the project idea as a key project shall be evaluated based on this draft.

Project managers of an EKFS funding project that is currently ongoing shall only be eligible to make a new application after completion and publication of the results of that project.


Funding of Groundbreaking Key Projects
for the preparation of outlines towards application for a key project
Declaration of consent of Applicant(s) for storage of data [PDF]