An adjustable MLL-ENL derived transcription factor for in vitro manufacturing and in vivo application of human phagocytes

Institution: LMU Klinikum
Applicants: PD Dr. med. Christian Wichmann and Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Greif
Funding line:
Key Projects

Human immune cell therapies are highly requested to counteract immune defects and to kill tumor cells. Here, we developed an inducible leukemia-associated transcription factor, which upon expression in human CD34+ blood stem/precursor cells, results in large-scale, controllable in vitro expansion of human monocytic precursors. The subsequent inactivation of the transcription factor leads to mature and fully functional phagocytes. In this project, further vector improvements will be deployed and in vitro produced mature phagocytes will be analyzed in vivo. The long-term goal is to establish functional phagocytes in large scale for possible cell therapy applications in humans.

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