Funding for Accredited Clinician Scientists

The Else Kröner-Exzellenzstipendium grants clinicians at senior consultant level a two-year leave of absence for an intensive research phase.
Exzellenz-Stipendien: Funding for Accredited Clinician Scientists

Scientific work is equally linked to university facilities for physicians facing special challenges and problems. One of these lies in the fact that the demands posed by clinical work in the course of a clinical career do not allow for any interrelated continuous period of research in order to focus on a scientific research project.

The Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung foundation regularly awards three individual fellowships within the entire field of medicine – each for a term of two years – to physicians following conclusion of their advanced training to become specialists. The fellowship is endowed with a total of EUR 300,000, of which up to 80% can be utilised for the recipient’s own salary according to scale or collective agreement. Applicants must be able to produce evidence of outstanding research achievements and be clinically active in a position of responsibility. Six fellowships are awarded nationwide. Interested physicians are requested to personally apply.

Please note that the fellowships "Else Kröner-Exzellenzstipendien" are issued on a periodical basis. You can find our latest calls for propsals under "Current Topics".

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