Formation and detection of impulsivity: insights from multisite, cross-disorder deep brain stimulation and multimodal neuroimaging

Institution: Centre for Neurology and Psychiatry, University Hospital of Cologne
Applicant: Dr Juan Carlos Baldermann
Funding line:
Else Kröner Excellence Fellowships

The ability to consider risks of our decisions is essential to human behaviour. When this ability fails, impulsivity emerges. Impulsivity is a core feature of numerous neuropsychiatric disorders. In this project, we will leverage the application of deep brain stimulation in various neuropsychiatric disorders to study the neural processes that causally influence risky decisions. This will provide unique insights into the underlying brain networks and neural activities that, if electrically stimulated, alter risky decisions. In the future, our results can help to facilitate the detection and prevention of impulsivity and at the same time reveal new therapeutic target mechanisms for impulsivity-related disorders. 

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