Chest Area

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction – developement of therapeutic concepts by pathomechanistic characterization, clinical phenotyping and prevention

Institution: Heart Center Leipzig at University of Leipzig, Department of Internal Medicine/Cardiology Leipzig
Applicant: PD Dr. Karl-Philipp Rommel
Funding line:
Else Kröner Excellence Fellowships

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is a common disease with limited treatment options. In order to develop new therapeutic concepts, factors of the disease development and the contribution of individual pathomechanims have to be considered. The project aims at investigating molecular predictors of the disease, the role of local adipose tissue inflammation for the disease and the therapeutic value of targeting arterial stiffness by interventional sympathetic tone modulation. The program provides the opportunity to potentially identify for the first time an interventional therapy for these patients, identify new therapeutic targets and form the basis for preventive therapies.

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