Immune System

Impact of antigen recognition and immunosuppression on pathogen-specific follicular T helper cells

Institution: Department of Internal Medicine II, University Hospital Freiburg
Applicant: Tobias Böttler
Funding line:
Else Kröner Excellence Fellowships

Immunosuppression is present in the context of multiple diseases and is associated with impaired vaccine responses. Several diseases (such as liver cirrhosis) can result in immunosuppression but it can also be a consequence of immunosuppressive medication (e.g. after solid organ transplantation). However, the mechanisms that underlie both conditions may vary. This project will shed light on a specific T cell population - that is crucial in the development of antibody responses – in the context of liver cirrhosis and liver transplantation in patients receiving protective vaccinations. An improved understanding of the mechanisms that mediate immunosuppression may improve vaccine strategies and vaccine-induced immune responses in patients suffering from these diseases.

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