Immune System

Translational research and innovative clinical trials

Institution: Intensive Care Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg (UKE)
Applicant: PD Dr. Dr. Mahir Karakas
Funding line:
Else Kröner Clinician Scientist Professorships
PD Dr. Dr. Mahir Karakas

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of the rapid transfer of findings from molecular and clinical research into clinical routine. The "W3 professorship for translational research and innovative clinical studies" aims to integrate data from clinical-epidemiological databases, imaging, bioinformatics and molecular biology in an interdisciplinary approach and to transfer it into guideline-relevant clinical studies and individualized therapeutic approaches. Using this approach, clinical innovation will be accelerated and scientific innovation will be faster accessible. This should enable more efficient development of new drugs and therapies and improve therapeutic action in everyday clinical practice. In terms of content, the professorship is based in the Clinic for Intensive Care Medicine, and is particularly geared towards the two established scientific foci of the faculty cardiovascular research and the research area immunology, inflammation and infectious diseases.

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