Immunometabolic reprogramming to target cholesterol crystal-mediated inflammation in alveolar macrophages during lung fibrosis

Project start
Institution: Institute for Functional Anatomy, Charité Universtätsmedizin-Berlin
Applicants: Elena Lopez-Rodriguez, PhD
EKFS funding line: First and Second Applications

Lung fibrosis is the result of abnormal lung tissue scarring resulting in difficulties to breath. The idiopathic form of lung fibrosis is characterized by unknown origin and a survival average of 3-4 years after diagnosis. Our project is focused in understanding how lung metabolism influences the beginning and progression of the disease. We recently found that lipid and cholesterol metabolism is disrupted during lung fibrosis in animal models. Therefore, we want to prove if this also happens in the human disease and test different therapeutic strategies in order to balance the impaired metabolism in the lung.

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