Elucidating Alpha-Synuclein seeding and inflammation in genetic and idiopathic Parkinson’s disease

Institution: Institut für Neurogenetik, Universität zu Lübeck und UKSH Campus Lübeck, Lübeck
Applicant: Dr. Max Borsche
Funding line:
First and Second Applications

Dr. Max Borsche and his team will investigate blood samples collected at several time points from control subjects and Parkinson's disease patients with and without genetic alterations in the PRKN and PINK1 genes for misfolded alpha-synuclein and immunological changes. The project aims to gain deeper insights into the disease's etiology and pathogenesis and contribute to developing markers for the severity and progression of (genetic) Parkinson's disease. The investigations might be relevant for early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and contribute to monitoring disease-modifying drugs in clinical trials.

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