Synthetic larynx model SynthVOICE

Project start
Institution: Division of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, University Hospital Erlangen
Applicant: PD Dr. Stefan Kniesburges
EKFS funding line: First and Second Applications
Synthetic larynx model SynthVOICE

The human voice is produced by the two oscillating vocal folds in the larynx. The basic sound of the voice is generated in the resulting airflow immediately above the vocal folds. This airflow cannot be measured in living patients and is therefore not taken into account in medical diagnostics and treatment of voice disorders. Thus, the aim of the project is to develop a realistic larynx model to investigate the entire process. The model includes elastic silicone vocal folds and reproduces the dynamics of the laryngeal cartilages to control the posturing of the vocal folds. With this model, a deep analysis of the complete physiological and pathological process of human voice production becomes possible and helps physicians to optimize diagnostic techniques and treatment strategies of dysphonia.

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