Emergency Medicine & Anaesthesiology

Providing Medical Equipment and Medicine for a Ukrainian Hospital

Organisation: HOPE e.V.
Partner country: Ukraine
Partner organisation in partner country: Mukachevo Central District Hospital


The Ukraine is a very poor country with a very needy infrastructure. The hospital in Mukachevo serves around 400,000 people. Because of the war many internally displaced people have flooded into the city and in April and May alone, the hospital treated 30-35% more in-patients than ever before. The operating methods and equipment are quite old which means that patients are more at risk than in western hospitals and their stay in hospital is much longer.


the main objective is for a further operating theatre to increase the efficiency and capacity of the hospital.


1.     Hospital’s increase of capacity (i. e. the number of treated patients), to give appropriate treatment to sick and needy people in the city.
2.     An increase in the quality of treatment, which mean that waiting times for an operation will be shorted and the t improved also recovery time should be shorted and patients will be discharged sooner, hence making room for others
3.    Enabling the hospital to be in a position to continue to share resources with smaller hospitals and health centres within its sphere of influence.


1. We are currently negotiating with suppliers of medical equipment so that we get the best possible offers.
At the same time we are organizing the transport to Ukraine. (Talks with volunteers, forwarding agents, customs and also with "Initiative-Global" regarding transport subsidies). 
2. We will take the equipment to the Ukraine (approx. 50km from the Hungarian/Slovakian border). 
3. The equiptment will be up, adjusted and made ready for operation by Ukrainian technicians.
4. Work can start.


Modern equipment can significantly reduce the length of stay after surgery. This is in line with the increased influx of refugees, as many hospitals have been destroyed. Good medical care helps refugees stay in the country.

Special Feature:

The people who we met in the hospital made a deep impression on us. Through their personal innovation and the readiness to go new ways with new equipment - for the benefit of their patients – they are the special features of the project!