Emergency Medicine & Anaesthesiology

EMS Rwanda Phase II – Strengthening Emergency Medical Services

Organisation: Austrian Red Cross
Partner country: Rwanda
Partner organisation in partner country: Rwandan Red Cross


Rwanda is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in Africa. Despite all the advances of recent decades, medical care still has gaps, especially in rural areas.


To contribute to a sustainable emergency medical service system in Rwanda. Specifically, to increase continued professional development (CPD) courses in the EMS sector and improve the quality of Rwanda Red Cross’ Emergency Medical Services.


  • 360 government and non- government EMS staff trained through CPD courses.
  • 4.500 patients treated and transported by 2 RRCS ambulance cars based at Nyamata and Kibilizi District Hospital
  • Quality of Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians assured.


  • Support RRCS to become a CPD provider by national authorities
  • Develop curricula for CPD courses
  • Train EMTs
  • Digitalise patient care reports
  • Develop a business plan based on the results of a service design workshop
  • Pilot two commercial Emergency Medical Services



The ambulance service is accessible to the catchment areas of the two ambulance stations. CPD courses will be available to Rwanda Red Cross Emergency Medical Services but, also to external health care providers.

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