Emergency Medicine & Anaesthesiology

Support for the supply of medicines to the civilian population in Lviv

Organisation: Pharmacists without borders Germany e.V.
Partner country: Ukraine
Partner organisation in partner country: St. Nicholas Hospital of Emergency and Intensive Care in Lviv



Caused by the war in Ukraine, pharmaceutical infrastructure, among other things, is being destroyed and gasoline prices are rising. As a result of the partially interrupted supply chains and the discontinuation of pharmaceutical imports from Russia, vital medicines are often no longer available in sufficient quantities. Many clinics are also experiencing financial bottlenecks, as public funds are flowing into the military instead of into health care.



The drug deliveries support the supply of essential medicines to the hospital. In this way, gaps in the supply of e.g. antibiotics and anesthetics will be closed. Above all, children up to 18 years of age with complications after severe wounds, such as splinter wounds, gunshot wounds or traumatic amputations are treated.

  • Procurement of the medicines at Sana Klinikum in Berlin in line with demand and at the lowest possible cost on the basis of a list of requirements drawn up by the medical contact person at St. Nicholas Hospital, Zoryana Ivanyuk
  • Organization of a direct, safe and proper transport of the aid delivery to Lviv with our partner organization Mission Lifeline gGmbH
  • Ensuring the successful delivery of the medicines to the hospital through regular communication with the medical contact person on site and obtaining a written confirmation and photo documentation after the handover of the medications



This is a humanitarian aid project with the aim of closing the supply gaps with medicines caused by the acts of war in the short term in order to ensure adequate health care for the population despite of the ongoing war.

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