Emergency Medicine & Anaesthesiology

Improvement of Surgical Treatment in Ukraine

Organisation: German Medical Aid Organization action medeor e.V
Partner country: Ukraine
Partner organisation in partner country: Kyiv Regional Hospital, Kyiv Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Kirovohrad Regional Hospital in Kropyvnytskyi Zaporizhzhya


Because of the war that Russia has started in Ukraine, there has been a very large increase in the number of injured and traumatised people in all cities. The Ukrainian healthcare system and hospitals all over the cities cannot cope with the number of patients, partly because the equipment is often outdated or simply lacking.


Improving operational treatment for the population affected by war and displacement in the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv, Kropyvnysky, Zaporizhzhya and Mykolaiv

  1. Five hospitals have successfully installed essential medical technology for the provision of life-saving surgery.  
  2. At least three people in each hospital have been trained on the new medical equipment (target: 15 people).  

1. Procurement and delivery of the required medical technology 
action medeor takes over 
-    Coordinating with the hospitals on the equipment to be purchased for the operating theatres, 
-    the procurement of the medical equipment from pre-qualified manufacturers, and 
-    the transport of the equipment to the target hospitals. 

2. Installation and training of medical equipment 
 action medeor 
-    accompanies the installation of the equipment (virtual technical support by medical technicians), and  
-    organises training by the manufacturers for at least 15 staff members from the hospitals. 



The project aims to provide much-needed improvement in the surgical treatment of patients in Ukraine. With the availability of up-to-date medical equipment in operating theatres, it will be possible to perform more modern surgical procedures with more advanced technologies. Surgical procedures will be more minimally invasive, the risks of intraoperative interventions will be reduced and the prevention of postoperative complications will be improved. This will have life-saving effects for patients.

Special features:

Based on the needs analysis, core elements for the surgical equipment are identified. Due to the difficult situation in Ukraine and the urgent need, it is highly important to minimize time and effort for the instruction and installation to a minimum and to bring about rapid utilization so that more patients can be cared for quickly with improved quality.