Emergency Medicine & Anaesthesiology

MedEvac and Emergency medical trainings Ukraine

Organisation: CADUS e.V. – Redefine Global Solidarity
Partner country: Ukraine
Partner organisation in partner country: CADUS, BaseUA, VostokSOS, Artesans ResQ, local EMS (u.A. Lviv, Dnipro), WHO EMT


After the war broke out last February, the increased number of wounded civilians and patients that could not be cared for sufficiently, brought the Ukrainian health system to its limits. The implementation of martial law inhibited the evacuation of patients across borders by local (male) staff as well as the entrance of airborne, efficient MedEvac means in the Ukrainian national airspace.


Primary project target: Patients and injured Ukrainian citizens have a safe and efficient way to get evacuated either internally to more suitable facilities or externally over the border to other European countries.

Secondary project target: Local health care providers and paramedics are trained in emergency medicine courses as well as in ICU (Intensive Care Unit)-ambulances.

  1. Total number of kilometers of en route care per patient within 7 months (01.01.23-31.07.23).
  2. Number of participants in our courses.
  3. Number of local healthcare practitioners participating in our rideout trainings in our MICU and ambulances.



  1. Bring patients or injured to suitable facilities within the country or across the borders
  2. Carry out internationally certified courses to healthcare professionals and Cadus-developed first aid trainings adapted to trauma and front line evacuation to volunteers.
  3. Give rideout trainings in our mobile ICU (MICU) bus and ambulances.

Except for performing MedEvacs and assisting as such the Ukrainian healthcare system, CADUS decided to support the existing structures by offering various emergency medicine related trainings on different levels, different regions and different target groups. CADUS started training local NGOs in the East that perform MedEvacs at the front line, where not even the local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) dare to go but have little to no medical expertise. Furthermore, CADUS will be delivering internationally certified courses like BLS/ACLS/PHTLS to the local EMS to improve their quality of practice and, on top of that, train them to become instructors themselves and, in that, way, provide a ‘gift that keeps on giving'. Last but not least, apart from the aforementioned trainings, CADUS intend to have Ukrainian doctors, paramedics and/or medical students to ride with them in our mobile ICU-Bus and ambulances, assist us medically and linguistically and in return have them work in a mobile ICU setting and improve their knowledge and skills.

Special features:

The innovative thing about our project is that we use our MedEvac capacities - namely our mobile ICU bus and our ambulances - not only for the medical care of patients and injured people, but also for the further training of the local medical staff.

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