New eye clinic in Ambam, Cameroon

Organisation: Augenhilfe Afrika e.V.
Partner country: Cameroon
Partner organisation in partner country: Fondation Médicale Kacheu
Eye examination by Dr. Cheuteu

In Ambam in southern Cameroon a rented building houses a small eye clinic with an attached optician workshop, which is also the location of a mobile eye clinic with which we conduct surgical campaigns four times a year in remote areas of the country.

The technical equipment acquired with the help of Augenhilfe Afrika e.V. over the years with surgical microscopes, slit lamp, laboratory equipment, etc. is of very high quality. The building itself, on the other hand, is in a disastrous condition, and the owner is not prepared to change this fundamentally. In April 2019, part of the ailing roof was torn away during a tropical storm, and the rooms were completely under water. The valuable devices purchased with our donation money is permanently endangered.

Now the existing eye clinic in Ambam is to be replaced by a new building. The foundation stone was laid on February 24, 2020, and the new building is meanwhile well advanced. The shell is in place, the roof was put up at the end of May 2020. The commissioning of the new eye clinic possibly may be brought forward and could already take place by the end of this year.
The new clinic will be - like the old one - the only contact point in southern Cameroon for blind and visually impaired people. However, its catchment area is not limited to southern Cameroon, but also extends to neighbouring Equatorial Guinea and the northern parts of Gabon.

Patients of all social classes and ethnic groups are cared for. Treatment and dispensing of medication and customized glasses, which are manufactured in the integrated optician workshop, are carried out for a fee that is based on the financial possibilities of the patient. The number of eye examinations per year is planned to be 1,500 and the number of operations carried out is to be 160.

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