Building the capacity of local hospitals/health centres in rural parts of Kenya

Project start
Organisation: Sense International
Partner country: Kenya
Partner organisation in partner country: Sense International Kenya
Image: Baby

Sense International Kenya is building the capacity of hospitals, local governments and communities in two rural Counties in Kenya (Kwale and Garissa) to:

•    Train 160 health workers and 300 Community Health Volunteers so they have the skills to test 55,000 children for sight and hearing impairments.

•    Provide direct assistance to 124 children identified with deafblindness and provide support for their parents/ carer. When support is provided early, children with deafblindness are able to reach their full potential.

•    Work with project partners and other health organisations to assist over 500 children with single sensory impairments.

•    Work with County Governments of Garissa and Kwale to ensure the project activities will be sustained in the future.

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