Upgrading children‘s eye care in Kinshasa

Project start
Organisation: University Medical Center Rostock
Partner country: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Partner organisation in partner country: Christoffel Blind Mission (CBM)
Eye surgery

The leading cause of childhood blindness globally is bilateral congenital cataract. In the megacity of Kinshasa (capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo) there are about 4000 children blind due to cataract. The Rostock University Eye Department has started a Partnership with a church based Hospital in 2000. So far more than 300 children have been treated. Due to structural reasons and a lack of financial support the majority of blind children so far was left untreated.
This should be addressed in the following way: 
1. Expanding community based services to other parts of the city.
2. Training of appropriate personnel to operate new centers and screen patients at the Ophthalmic Training Center for Central Africa (CFOAC) in Kinshasa.
3. Equip four centers with basic equipment so that a comprehensive eye examination ca be performed.

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