IMPACTAVI - NIRS-IVUS to Improve Assessment of Coronary artery disease severity in patients refereed for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Project start
Institution: Klinik für Herz- und Kreislauferkrankungen – Deutsches Herzzentrum München
Applicants: Costanza Pellegrini
EKFS funding line: Else Kröner Memorial Fellowship

Patients with severe aortic valve stenosis often suffer from simultaneous coronary heart disease. Due to similar symptoms manifestation, it is difficult for the treating physician to differentiate whether the patient will benefit from the additional treatment of a coronary artery stenosis. Conventional methods, which usually aid therapeutic decision-making, cannot be employed because of hemodynamic interactions between the two diseases. The IMPACTAVI study deals with the identification of “dangerous” coronary lesions by means of a new type of intravascular imaging, the so-called NIRS-IVUS imaging, which can be used regardless of the presence of aortic valve stenosis. The aim of this study is to improve assessment of coronary artery in this specific patient population and allow for personalized medical treatment in the future.

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