DNA methylation-based disease classification in focal epilepsy

Project start
Institution: Department of Neuropathology, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
Applicant: Katja Kobow
EKFS funding line: First and Second Applications

About 6 million people in the EU including 800,000 people living in Germany suffer from epilepsy. Structural brain lesions like malformations of cortical development are a frequent cause of severe drug-resistant epilepsy. People with uncontrollable seizures face a lifetime of challenges including increased risk of injury and death. Epilepsy surgery provides a curative treatment option in some patients. Post-surgical outcome depends on the type of lesion and its complete resection. In patients who are seizure-free after surgery, drugs can be gradually withdrawn which impacts quality of life. Understanding molecular mechanisms underlying epilepsy devlopment and predicting, what type of brain lesions are likely to be associated with good outcomes of epilepsy surgery is essential.