Mother and Child Health

Stateless/Ethnic Minority Health and Integration Project (SHIP)

Organisation: Stiftung Kinderzukunft
Partner country: Thailand
Partner organisation in partner country: ADRA Thailand
Training in the village of Huay San as to self-reliant prevention of infections: here the efficient hand washing

The stateless ethnic minorities in the remote mountains of Chiang Rai Province (Thailand) live in absolute poverty. Their health situation is as desperate as their human rights. Girls get pregnant at the age of 14. Grandparents look after the children while parents search means of survival. In this destitution child-trafficking is flourishing.

Medical professionals provide basic medical services to six most vulnerable communities with a 4x4 vehicle equipped as mobile clinic. The focus is particularly on children under 5 years as they currently lack possibilities of age-appropriate development and are most vulnerable to child-trafficking. At the same time stateless receive knowledge about human rights, the danger of child-trafficking and assistance in achieving the Thai citizenship.

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