Basic Health
Demokratische Republik Kongo

Ambulanceboat, Ngiri Reservation, Democratic Republic of Congo

Organisation: Protestant Church Circuit Dortmund
Partner country: Democratic Republic Congo
Partner organisation in partner country: Eglise du Christ au Congo


Bolenge is located in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Only by water is it possible to reach even completely remote villages where there were otherwise neither medical staff nor medicine. More than 52,600 people have been treated in a total of 60 trips since 2011, around 4,000 operations have been performed, 53 children have been helped into the world.


  • Improving the health of the population living in the Ngiri Reserve
  • Improved knowledge of the local population on family planning; Ebola and SARS / Covid prevention and hygiene measures
  • Improvement of drinking water supply
  • Over the next few years, 443,250 people will receive medical care from the ambulance boat, 27,000 people will receive medical treatment and 1,800 will be operated.
  • On each ambulance boat tour, information on prevention and health care is distributed to women, men, pregnant women, children and sick people.
  • There are regular hygiene trainings to prevent diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever or infection by Covid, HIV, Ebola.


  • Ensuring regular tours of the ambulance boat for medical care
  • Acquisition of medical equipment and establishment of infrastructures for the implementation of treatments in the different villages
  • Establishment and training of a competent team of doctors to carry out treatments in the different villages
  • Performing fistula operations
  • Implementation of information campaigns (family planning; Ebola prevention; Hygiene measures)
  • Installation of water filtration systems in 10 villages
  • Establishment of a supply system for medicines

The ambulance boat project will significantly improve the general state of health of the population in the project area. 
The population contributes to sustainability, as small contributions to treatment and medication are made. There are usually several hundred dollars per trip. 

Special features:

Since September 2011, the Congolese doctor Yoursen Bosolo and his team have been travelling on the ambulance boat to the remote villages on the Congo, Ngiri and Ubangi rivers. The people there have only limited access to medical care; medically trained people let alone doctors usually do not exist. The team on the boat carries out treatments, administers medication and provides information about prevention and hygiene. An inflatable surgical tent gives the possibility of operations on land (more than 4000 have now been carried out), usually in cooperation with local health centres that can ensure follow-up care.