Support of Irene Salimi Children Hospital at Kabul / Afghanistan

Project start
Organisation: Georg Dechentreiter Wohlfahrts-Stiftung
Partner country: Afghanistan
Partner organisation in partner country: Georg Dechentreiter Welfare Society, Kabul/Afghanistan


Due to drought and bad harvest the Afghan population is facing starvation and hunger as the UN organizations stated. Even at the capital Kabul a huge number of people lost their jobs through the leave of US and allies. Civil servants haven’t received their salaries in months. The economic situation is precarious and hardly any family can survive without help from outside, be it relatives or international aid. The change of government and the slow restructuring of society are putting additional strain on the situation.


Our goal is to provide Afghan children in Kabul with professional treatment according to international standards in the field of pediatric surgery and pediatric orthopedics. To this end, we train pediatric surgeons and pediatric orthopedists according to the state curriculum. In our pediatric palliative care unit, we accompany children and parents on their final journey through life.


Annually, we aim to admit 1,000 children to ISH as inpatients, perform up to 1,200 surgeries, and examine and treat approximately 15,000 outpatients.

  • We support the ISH with medical supply from Germany twice a year.
  • We are paying the monthly salaries of our Afghan ISH staff.
  • We accept 2 new physicians into residency training each year.
  • We maintain the ISH infrastructure through repairs and sending spare parts.
  • We recruit new skilled personal and develop the ISH further.



  • Former employees of the Irene Salimi Children's Hospital are sought-after professionals who immediately find a new job in the Afghan healthcare system.
  • Trained specialists can take their learned knowledge to other facilities, improving the treatment of each child.
  • Many of the specialists we have trained have now achieved their trainer's license and some have even gone on to become professors.
  • Our chief physicians are members of the Afghan Ministry of Health (MoPH) Continuing Education and Examination Board.
Special features:
  • Former employees of the ISH are highly trained and skilled and a great demand at the Afghan health sector.
  • Trained specialists share their knowledge with other institutions and try to improve the treatment of each child.
  • Many of the ISH trained specialists have got their trainer licence and some of them started their carreer as professor.
  • The ISH chief trainers are members of MoPH training- and examination boards.


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