Ukraine Emergency Relief - Children's Hospital Odessa

Organisation: Jugend Eine Welt – Don Bosco Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Partner organisation in partner country: Don-Bosco Sisters Odessa and Municipal Children’s Hospital Odessa



Odessa is currently affected by severe attacks on critical infrastructure. Power outages lasting several days are the new normal. In addition, the number of inhabitants is increasing rapidly due to internally displaced persons from the eastern regions of Ukraine. This also means that hospitals are overburdened. Factories manufacturing pharmaceutical products have been closed. There is a great shortage of medicines and medical products.v


Maintaining the care of the neonatal intensive care unit of the Municipal Children's Hospital in Odessa by purchasing incubators and medical products


•    Medical devices and products are delivered to the hospital and put into operation
•    The Children's Hospital Intensive Care Unit can maintain neonatal care


•    Needs assessment for medical equipment
•    Purchase of the products and delivery to Odessa
•    Commissioning of the medical equipment in the children's hospital
•    Ongoing admission and care in the neonatal intensive care unit


The support of the municipal hospital maintains and strengthens the population's trust in the public health system. The equipment purchased will be used in the public hospital beyond the project period. In this way, a strengthening of the health system is also supported in the long term.

Special features:

Purchasing medicines and medical products is currently almost impossible in Ukraine. By providing medical equipment and medicines, this project makes an enormous contribution to the Ukrainian population in the war zone. In this emergency situation, the Don Bosco Sisters of Odessa support the municipal children's hospital - not only with medical material, but also with diapers and other consumables for mothers and newborns beyond the current project.