Individualization of linezolid therapy in intensive care patients through population pharmacokinetics

Institution: Klink für Anästhesiologie, LMU Klinikum München
Applicant: Dr. Uwe Liebchen
Funding line:
First and Second Applications

The scientists aim to integrate model-based personalized dosing of the antibiotic linezolid for critically ill patients into clinical practice. In the initial phase, they are assessing previously published population pharmacokinetic models to gauge their predictive accuracy for linezolid concentrations in patients' blood (external model evaluation). This will help the team identify the most suitable model for generating dosing recommendations based on individual patient characteristics (such as kidney function and body weight), along with measured linezolid blood levels. In the subsequent step, the scientists will incorporate the best model(s) into a user-friendly online tool, enabling physicians to derive customized dosing directly on the hospital ward.

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