Identification and validation of stroke etiology defining discriminative factors with diagnostic implications in thrombus immune cells

Institution: Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik I, LMU Klinikum
Applicant: Dr. Kami Alexander Pekayvaz
Funding line:
First and Second Applications

Blood clots are a common cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. A definitive identification of blood clot origin -specifically differentiating arterial from venous clots- is pivotal for launching effective measures of secondary prevention. Yet, the origin of blood clots often remains unclear. Currently, diagnostic approaches that seek identification of the embolic origin are mainly based on clinical probabilities. In this project, we will analyze blood and thrombo-emboli (blood clots) from patients with thrombotic disease by high-throughput methods seeking to identify origin defining factors. In the future, these factors might be used to identify definitive origin and cause of blood clots, allowing targeted secondary preventive measures.

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