A dimensional psychiatry approach to eating disorders using machine learning techniques on structural and functional neuroimaging data from multicenter studies.

Project start
Institution: University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden/ TU-Dresden
Applicant: Dr. Fabio Bernadoni
EKFS funding line: First and Second Applications
Brain functional connectivity

My aim is to test the ‚dimensional‘ approach to classify psychiatric disorders. At present, the approach used in psychiatry is ‚categorical‘: each disorder is identified by a set of specific symptoms and is treated as a separated entity in therapy and research. To the contrary, the dimensional approach aims to identify basic mechanisms that can be disrupted to a different degree in each individual and, when this happens, might concur to an increased risk of psychiatric illness, across the whole spectrum of psychiatric disorders. Specifically, I will search for biological markers of these disrupted mechanisms in terms of alterations in brain structure and functional connectivity. I will focus on eating disorders and apply machine learning techniques to multicentric datasets of MRI images.