Regular Line of Funding

The Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung supports medical-humanitarian projects, primarily in developing countries. Committed project managers should plan and submit applications working closely with local partners.
high-risk pregnancies

Applications in the following areas can be submitted at any time:

Medical training

  • Improving the training and further education of nursing staff, medical students and medical practitioners
  • Training of multipliers, for example teaching institutions, funding of specific training programmes or improving teaching materials


  • Improving in-patient and out-patient care, for example development or funding of treatment centres or introduction of new treatment methods
  • Development of prevention and information programmes, for example funding of regional health information centres or local networks of volunteers and multipliers

The humanitarian aspect of the project must be clearly recognisable. Please observe the information for applicants.

Please structure your application into 3 separate .pdf documents and send them exclusively via email to or  
A Project Description (for structure, see Information for Applicants)
B Résumés, CVs and , where applicable, publications from the applicants and the local project manager (in the case of renewal applications, résumés and CVs must be enclosed once again in updated form)  
C Enclosures (e.g. certificate attesting to non-profit character, official permits/authorisations, confirmations of cooperation, letters of reference)

Dr. Judith von Heusinger
Medical-humanitarian Development Cooperation (humanitarian Funding)
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