Translational Optoacoustic Biomarkers for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases

Institution: AG Translationale Pädiatrie, Kindergastroenterologie und Kinderultraschall, Kinder- und Jugendklinik, Uniklinikum Erlangen
Applicant: PD Dr. med. habil. Adrian P. Regensburger
Funding line:
Else Kröner Excellence Fellowships

Treatment of children and adolescents is becoming increasingly complex and structures are being addressed at an even smaller level - right down to the genes. However, physicians often lack monitoring tools for objective assessment of treatment success.  In the future, innovative, non-invasive imaging techniques such as optoacoustics could provide corresponding molecular tissue information, even in the smallest patients. Furthermore, this molecular-sensitive ultrasound can be used to translate findings from animal experiments directly into clinical applications.  As part of the EKFS Excellence fellowship, we will develop novel diagnostic applications for non-invasive optoacoustic imaging of gastrointestinal and liver diseases through translational studies. The aim is to establish optoacoustic imaging in clinical diagnostics for children and adolescents and thus spare them invasive procedures. 

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