Immune System

Selective depletion of alloreactive B cells in solid organ transplantation: Chimeric Allo-Antigen-specific T cells overcoming rejection by antibodies (CORA-T cells)

Institution: Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Transplant Engineering, Hannover Medical School (MHH)
Applicant: Anna Christina Dragon
EKFS funding line: First and Second Applications

Transplantation is the only treatment option for end stage organ failure. However, antibodies and immune cells of the patient recognize the transplanted organ as foreign and mediate its destruction. This can only be delayed by lifelong immunosuppression, causing life-threatening complications. To preserve the organ function, we aim to develop a first-in-class cell therapy to terminate the destructive immune response. For this, we modify effector T cells with a receptor that enables them to specifically and selectively eliminate precisely just those antibody-producing immune cells that are responsible for organ rejection. All other, beneficial immune cells will remain unaffected. This fully new approach brings long-term survival of transplants within reach.

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