Abdominal Area, Kidneys & Pelvis

Pre-clinical evaluation of kidney engineering to prevent organ rejection in a large animal model

Institution: Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Transplant Engineering, Hannover Medical School
Applicant: Prof. Dr Constanca Figueiredo und Prof. Dr Rainer Blasczyk
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Transplant rejection and the severe side effects of immunosuppression remain associated with 
relevant health and socio-economic burdens. The ultimate goal of this study is to generate 
immunologically  invisible  kidneys  by  organ  genetic  engineering  during  ex  vivo  perfusion 
towards  decreasing  their  immunogenicity.  In  this  study,  the  strength  of  allogeneic  immune 
responses and transplant survival rates after allogeneic Kidney transplantation in a large pre-
clinical model will be characterized. We expect that genetically modified kidneys trigger weaker 
immune responses and show the capability to survive in the absence of immunosuppression. 
This study combines the most advanced tools in ex vivo organ perfusion and gene therapy to 
allow the indefinitely survival of kidney transplants.