Immune System

The IMMUNsysteme – YOung versus AGed – „ImmunYoAge“

Institution: Mainz Research School of Translational Medicine, Universitätsmedizin Mainz der Johannes Gutenberg Universität
Applicant: Prof. Dr. Julia Weinmann-Menke
Funding line:
Else Kröner Graduate Schools

This doctoral program aims to inspire medical students to pursue an academic career during their studies by introducing them to science in a structured way and allowing them to experience the fascination of biomedical research at first hand. The aim is to identify the molecular determinants of the age-specificity of immune-mediated diseases, to better understand the causes of age-specific differences in disease progression and to develop new therapeutic strageies on this basis. For this reason, a tandem concept is pursued in this research training group, in which one medical and one scientific doctoral student work together on a project (in different aspects). 

Applicants: Prof. Dr. Julia Weinmann-Menke, lead spokesperson, is Head of the Dept. of General Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation and Academic Director of the Mainz Research School of Translational Biomedicine (TransMed). The deputy spokespersons are Prof. Dr. Stephan Grabbe, Director of the Dept. of Dermatology, Polyclinic and Research Center for Immunotherapy, and Prof. Dr. Klaus Lieb, Director of the Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, and Scientific Director of the Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research.

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