Basic Health

Basic medical care for Rohingya refugees and ethnic minorities in Bangladesh

Organisation: SONNE-International
Partner country: Bangladesh
Partner organisation in partner country: SONNE – Bangladesch
In front of the health station of SONNE-International

The project consists of two components:

  1.  In Kutupalong, the world’s largest and most densely populated refugee camp, there live close to a million Rohingya who had to flee from Myanmar. Since the beginning of the refugee crisis SONNE-International has been operating a small health clinic in Camp no. 8 which gives access to basic and emergency medical care to about 7,000 families.
  2. Since 2007 SONNE-International has been running altogether 10 schools in 10 remote villages close to the border to Myanmar. As these villages have no medical infrastructure whatsoever, we operate mobile health camps as well as a permanent clinic there.

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