Spatially resolved multi-omics deciphers bidirectional tumor-host interdependence in glioblastoma.

Paper: Cancer Cell
Author: PD Dr. Dieter Henrik Heiland
Institution: Department of Neurosurgery, University of Freiburg


Project description:

PD Dr Dieter Henrik Heiland, at Freiburg University Hospital, focuses on glioblastomas the most malignant tumors of the central nervous system. Despite various therapeutic approaches, no cure has been found for glioblastoma. One hypothesis for the low therapeutic success represents the tumor environment, which is a barrier for anti-tumor immunity. In Cancer Cell, Heiland et al, publish a topographical characterization of gene expression, metabolism, and genetic alterations in glioblastomas and show that tumor cells adapt to inflammatory stimuli and/or metabolites in the environment. The tumor milieu is largely responsible for the changes in the tumor and should be the focus of future therapies.


Ravi VM, Will P, Kueckelhaus J, Sun N, Joseph K, Salié H, Vollmer L, Kuliesiute U, von Ehr J, Benotmane JK, Neidert N, Follo M, Scherer F, Goeldner JM, Behringer SP, Franco P, Khiat M, Zhang J, Hofmann UG, Fung C, Ricklefs FL, Lamszus K, Boerries M, Ku M, Beck J, Sankowski R, Schwabenland M, Prinz M, Schüller U, Killmer S, Bengsch B, Walch AK, Delev D, Schnell O, Heiland DH.
Spatially resolved multi-omics deciphers bidirectional tumor-host interdependence in glioblastoma.
Cancer Cell. 2022 Jun 13;40(6):639-655.e13.


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