Non-Communicable Diseases

Special Call for Proposals
Call of Proposals: Humanitarian Funding

The foundation Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung is making funding resources available in the amount of 1,300,000 euros towards improving the health of people affected by NCDs (non-communicable diseases) in developing countries (in accordance with the OECD DAC list of countries). In terms of the subject matter, the call for proposals is open within the realm of NCDs. 

The aim is to support programs in the NCD sector which: 

  • reach patients and healthcare personnel, particularly on the basic healthcare level 
  • perform educational and preventive work
  • establish advanced training programs for healthcare personnel on the basic care level on a sustainable basis 
  • strengthen the referral system from basic healthcare all the way to tertiary specialized hospitals, clinics or centers (key term: Continuum of Care)

The following conditions must be fulfilled for proposal submission: 

  • The proposal volume amounts to EUR 200,000 to EUR 400,000
  • The term of the program has a duration of at least 3 years
  • The activities are embedded in on-site projects from other relevant local actors
  • The program is accompanied by scientific supervision and evaluation 
  • Whenever possible, the proposition builds upon an existing project in place 

Eligible to apply are non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and institutes of higher education or university-level facilities from Germany which have readily been working successfully in close cooperation with local partners in the project country for several years and possess suitable organizational structures for a successful implementation. 

In a first step it is requested to submit an informal draft proposal up to 5 pages long. To be mapped out therein are the program objectives, including indicators thereof, the main activities, the thematic, chronological and financial project planning, as well as previous and existing cooperation in the project region until now, including disclosures regarding previous financial backers and fundings. At least one partner organization and a local person to contact in the project country must be stated. A confirmation from the local partner organization(s) regarding the intended cooperation along with a declaration of consent to the storage of data on the part of the person submitting the proposal must be enclosed. After a preliminary screening, the selected applicants shall be requested to submit full applications.

The draft proposal outlines should preferably be submitted in English in an electronic format to by November 15, 2023.

In the event of questions, please contact Dr. Judith von Heusinger, email:

Portrait Dr. Judith von Heusinger
Dr. Judith von Heusinger
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Special Call for Proposals
on the Part of the Applicant(s) to the Storage of Data
Template on the Preparation of the Budget