We have something against germs: 1 million euro for your ideas

Germs in hospitals cause four times more deaths than traffic accidents. Let us make sure that this will be soon a thing of the past. With our money and your ideas.

1 Million Euro against germs

How to improve hygiene in the doctor's surgery, hospital or other medical context? In our special project "1 million against germs" we are looking for the best ideas for digital solutions, educational measures or innovative training. A total of 1 million euro is available for the implementation of these ideas.

The deadline for the submission of proposals has expired.

We have received 211 proposals, 121 of them meet the project criteria. The creators of these proposals have the opportunity to put their ideas in concrete terms. Innovativeness, feasibility, relevance, practical relevance, reach and effectiveness are the important criteria for us.

All success promising proposals are examined by a team of experts. At the beginning of August, the creators of the best proposals will be invited to present their idea to the team of experts in a virtual selection seminar. The seminars will take place from the end of August. Participation is by invitation only!

The best ideas will be awarded a prize. Subsequently, the foundation board will decide upon application which of these ideas the foundation will support financially. 

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact us by phone +49 6172 8975-0 or e-mail hygiene@ekfs.de.