Spatial and longitudinal multi-omics profiling to decipher remission under biological therapy in the case of ulcerative colitis

Institution: Department of Internal Medicine I & Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology, UKSH Kiel
Applicant: Dr. Florian Tran
Funding line:
Else Kröner Memorial Fellowships

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an incurable chronic intestinal disease which can severely reduce the quality of life for those affected. Even though novel therapy options are available, a long-term remission (absence of symptoms and inflammation) cannot be achieved in a large proportion of UC patients. In this project modern sequencing technologies will be utilized to detect complex molecular signatures displaying spatial resolution (spatial multi-omics) in intestinal biopsy samples from UC patients receiving biological therapy. The aim is to identify molecular predictors for long-term remission. This project will therefore contribute to biomarker-based precision medicine for patients suffering from UC.

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