Renal impairment as a complication of systemic diseases

Project start
Institution: Medical Center - University of Freiburg, Department of Medicine IV (Nephrology)
Applicant: Prof. Dr. Gerd Walz
EKFS funding line: Else Kröner-Forschungskolleg
The picture shows podocytes of the mouse kidney enveloping a glomerular capillary with their foot processes.

The EKFK NAKSYS is an interdisciplinary research center focusing on renal impairment as a complication of systemic diseases (such as diabetes or hepatitis C). With innovative research methods from seven clinics and institutes of the University Hospital of Freiburg, new insights into the formation and development of renal dysfunction are to be gained and combined with a comprehensive career concept. During a two- to three-year research rotation, motivated physicians can lay the foundations for a career as clinician scientists in an outstanding scientific environment and through participation in structured training programs.

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