Novel therapeutic directions to reduce thrombotic risk in patients with chronic kidney disease by targeting a pathological endothelium-platelet crosstalk

Institution: Institute for Molecular Cardiovascular Research (IMCAR), RWTH Aachen University, University Hospital Aachen
Applicant: Heidi Noels
Funding line:
First and Second Applications
Image: Platelets & thrombus formation

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) experience both thrombotic and bleeding complications. Current therapy to reduce thrombotic risk focuses on antiplatelet drugs but increases bleeding risk. This calls for novel therapies addressing CKD-specific mechanisms of thrombosis with reduced impact on bleeding. Building on our expertise in inflamed vasculature as well as thrombus formation, we believe that this can be achieved with therapies tackling a pathological endothelium-platelet crosstalk in CKD. In this context, this project will study the effects of CKD on endothelium-platelet crosstalk and resulting implications for vascular health as well as risk of thrombosis and bleeding.

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