New systems biology approaches toward studying kidney diseases

Institution: Clinic for Renal and Hypertensive Disorders, Rheumatological and Immunological Diseases (Med. Clinic II), RWTH University Hospital of Aachen
Applicant: PD Dr. Christoph Kuppe, MHBA
Funding line:
Else Kröner Clinician Scientist Professorships
PD Dr. Christoph Kuppe

Chronic kidney diseases that develop above all in the course of elevated blood pressure and elevated blood sugar levels pose an increasing problem for healthcare systems worldwide. In the project funded by EKFS, PD Dr. Christoph Kuppe and his team research new pathophysiological bases regarding disease mechanisms in chronic renal diseases. The goal is the development of new therapies using new, patient-centered methods. In the first step, a “map” of regulatory gene changes is drawn up for each kidney cell to obtain a better understanding of pathophysiological alterations. In addition, these data are used to enable a disease’s progression in patients to be predicted better.

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