Gene, Mechanism, Therapy: A Network for Precision Medicine of Genetic Neurological Diseases (

Institution: Zentrum für Neurologie, Universität Tübingen
Applicants: Prof Dr Matthis Synofzik (Speaker), PD Dr. Rebecca Schüle (deputy speaker), Prof. Dr. Holger Lerche (deputy speaker)
Funding line:
Else Kröner Research Schools

Neurological diseases due to genetic mutations have long been long considered untreatable. It is precisely these diseases, however, which might  now become pioneers of a precision medicine for neurological diseases, given  their clearly defined molecular cause. The EKFS research college will systematically pave the way for this innovative development. Supported by the expert network at the Tübingen site, the fellows will systematically connect all the central steps of molecular precision medicine in closely interacting collaborative work: from genetic characterisation  via preclinical therapy approaches in cell and animal models to first-in-man individualised pilot studies. As part of this pipeline, the fellows will learn state-of-the-art molecular biological and systems neurological methods,  and advance them further for future precision medicine.