Immune System

Funding Research on Inflammation

Institution: “Klinikum Innenstadt”, the inner-city clinic location at LMU
Applicant: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Anders
Funding line:
Else Kröner Graduate Schools
Else Kröner Graduate Schools

Besides infectious pathogens, a broad spectrum of non-infectious causes for inflammatory reactions exists as well. The graduate study program “FöFoLe-Inflammation” makes this the starting point and is going to strengthen the outstanding research on inflammation on the LMU campus in the case of infectious and non-infectious diseases. The opportunity to take part in “FöFoLe-Inflammation” is provided to project managers in many specialized areas and to students with very different clinical interests. The graduate study program also offers a training program based on educational research and includes inter alia activities toward the further development of students’ personalities in becoming researching physicians.

Proposers: Spokesman Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Anders is head of nephrology at “Klinikum Innenstadt”, the inner-city clinic location at LMU. Envisaged as deputy spokespersons are Prof. Dr. Barbara Schraml (Walter Brendel Centre of Experimental Medicine), Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gudermann (Walter Straub Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology), and Prof. Dr. med. Veit Hornung (Immunobiochemistry, Gene Center at LMU).

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