Eicosanoid and sphingolipid signalling pathways in inflammation, cancer and vascular diseases

Project start
Institution: Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Applicant: Prof. Dr. Dieter Steinhilber
EKFS funding line: Else Kröner Graduate School
Human immune cell, different enzymes (CYP, sEH) and a marker protein (actin) were stained with fluorescent markers.

The Else Kröner-Fresenius-Promotionskolleg "Eicosanoid and sphingolipd signalling pathways in inflammation, cancer and vascular diseases" is a joint project of the Goethe-University Frankfurt and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm with the aim to train doctoral students in the field of biomedicine.  PhD students in nine projects are investigating the role of eicosanoids and sphingolipids in inflammation, vascular diseases and tumours.
The PhD students take part in a training program on drug research, development and safety with summer and winter schools, and organize a one-day symposium. The program prepares graduates for work in industry or academia.

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