Disentangling Substance Use and Disorder – A Dimensional Approach to Re-evaluate Neuro-Cognitive Risk Factors

Institution: Technische Universität Dresden
Applicant: Dr. Raoul Dieterich

Funding line:
First and Second Applications

Impulsivity, self-control and activations of the brain related to these characteristics (assessed using MRI) are well-studied “risk factors” for substance use disorders. This project examines whether these factors specifically predict substance use-related problems and are thus the development of substance use disorders and not merely the degree of substance use. So far, it has never been examined whether the association of these risk factors with substance use disorders can be explained by differences in the degree of substance use. If that was the case, these factors would not be specific for problem development. This approach will outline more and less effective target points for prevention and therapy as well as pharmacotherapy.

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