CINAMOPS: Critical Illness Polyneuropathy and Myopathy: Outcome, Predictors and Longitudinal Trajectories

Project start
Institution: Schön Klinik Bad Aibling
Applicant: Dr. Jeannine Bergmann
EKFS funding line: First and Second Applications
Image: CINAMOPS study

Critical Illness Polyneuropathy (CIP) and Myopathy (CIM) occur frequently as complications after severe illness where intensive care treatment was necessary. They present usually with a whole body muscle weakness which delays reconvalescence. Despite its high relevance, research is lacking regarding prognosis, course of the disease and therapy approaches. This cohort study addresses this research deficit and contributes to a better understanding of CIP/CIM and will therefore finally help to optimise care and treatment of affected patients. Within the project, the course of the disease, predictors for the medium- and long-term outcome, diagnostic parameters and the impact of preclinical parameters will be examined on 250 patients.

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