Augsburg clinician scientists program for the organism, nervous system, and environment (ARISE)

Institution: Faculty of Medicine, University of Augsburg
Applicants: Prof. Dr. Alkomiet Hasan (spokesperson), Prof. Dr. Elke Hertig (co- spokesperson), Prof. Dr. Markus Naumann ( co- spokesperson)
Funding line:
Else Kröner Research Schools
Discussion of findings on the climate by ARISE: Spokespersons with Clinican Scientists from Augsburg University Medicine

There are many patients who have a high level of suffering due to a stroke, depression or chronic pain. The project group assumes that the ways these diseases of the nervous system manifest themselves are strongly influenced by the environment. Environmental influences can be situated in the weather, in air pollutants, yet also within the social environment. What has been missing until now is a correlation between the findings from basic research and environmental sciences, as well as from data-based and clinical medicine. Our central goal is to establish this linkage. Medical doctors are supposed to be trained in near-patient, data-based, experimental and clinical research while actively researching and working on an internationally competitive scale in the course of a three-year program.

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