Verbesserung der Gesundheitsversorgung in Tansania und Äthiopien: Zwei neue Else Kröner Center gegründet

Das neugegründete „Else Kröner Center for Advanced Medical & Medical Humanitarian Studies Würzburg – Mwanza/Tansania“ soll in den kommenden Jahren bestehende medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Aktivitäten in einem strukturierten und nachhaltigen Rahmen zusammenführen und ausbauen. Das zweite Projekt wird durch die Medizinische Fakultät der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg in Äthiopien umgesetzt und konzentriert sich auf die Verbesserung und Ausweitung der Onkologie-Versorgung für Frauen durch die Etablierung des „Else Kröner Cancer Centers“ in Addis Abeba.

Heidelberg Research College for Neurooncology

Tumours in the brain are often difficult or poorly treatable. The reasons for this are the position in a crucial area of our bodies as well as molecular and structural characteristics of the tumours. In addition, changes of the tumours during treatment often reduces the effectiveness of therapies.     The sum of all factors which are limiting common treatments is referred to as drug resistance. Research into these factors as well as overcoming resistance is the main objective of the Heidelberg Research College for Neurooncology. 

Clinician Scientist Programme on Rare Important Syndromes in Endocrinology (RISE)

The clinician scientist programme focuses on orphan endocrine diseases of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) systems. These are rare and frequently remain unrecognised, in part because disease symptoms are non-specific and do not guide to underlying disease cause. Diagnosis and initiation of appropriate treatment may frequently delayed by years, leading to irreversible damage with devastating consequences. Therefore, clinician trainees must develop the awareness and acquire the skills to reach the correct diagnosis and institute corrective management and treatment.