Reducing maternal and neonatal mortality in Analamanga, Madagascar (“mTOMADY”)

Project start
Organisation: Ärzte für Madagaskar e.V. – Doctors for Madagascar
Partner country: Madagascar
Partner organisations in partner country: Ministère de la Santé Publique (35 Gesundheitszentren), Hopitaly SALFA Ejeda, Hopitaly SALFA Manambaro

A midwife in a health center in Antananarivo checks data of women she has treated during the day. Pregnant women can pay using mTOMADY at this health center.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the reduction of preventable deaths of pregnant women and newborns in Madagascar, focusing on protection against financial risks in the event of complications. Specifically, this project aims at increasing the rate of antenatal care visits and institutional deliveries through i) education and training of community health workers, midwives, caregivers and physicians, ii) improvement of infrastructures and equipment, iii) introduction of treatment and quality standards, and iv) family planning activities.

A particular aim is the development and introduction of a mobile phone-based health wallet that leverages the proliferation of cell phones and mobile money in Madagascar. The health wallet helps pregnant women to minimize the financial risks of complications during childbirth and allows for individual savings, as well as transparent and traceable payment processes.

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