Improving access to rural health care and nutrition services in Amudat District in Southern Karamoja, Uganda.

Project start
Organisation: Sign of Hope
Partner country: Uganda
Partner organisation in partner country: Sign of Hope, Uganda

Mothers wait with their children in the clinic

The project is a response to the urgent need for professional primary health care in Amudat District in the Karamoja region of Uganda.  Sign of Hope has started in 2018 to build a Health Center III in Kosike village with its own funds.  The project aims to improve access to rural primary healthcare and improve the nutritional status of beneficiaries.  

The 24 month project will support the first two years of the Health Centre IIIs life by finalizing the development of key infrastructure and starting operations at Kosike Health Centre.  Additionally, in order to further spread the improvement of health services, two regional Diocese Health Centre IIs shall be supported to upgrade to Health Centre III as per government requirements.

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