Mother and Child Health

Fistula Training Project

Organisation: International Nepal Fellowship (Nepal)
Partner country: Nepal
Partner organisation in partner country: International Nepal Fellowship



INF Surkhet has been providing fistula treatment since 2009. A fistula treatment centre was opened in 2018. Fistula patients live hidden lives and health workers’ knowledge about fistula is limited so that many are still unaware that treatment is available. INF runs an outreach programme in three provinces.


Decrease the prevalence of women with obstetric fistula in western Nepal. Better education of medical staff about fistula to prevent new cases of fistula. Raise awareness about fistula within the society of Lumbini province, Karnali province and Far west province. 

  • Number of Female Community Health workers and health workers receiving fistula awareness orientation
  • Members of INF Fistula centre team receiving capacity building training – target 3 (anaesthetic, Bachelor of Nursing, diploma in counselling)
  • Fistula awareness activities included in Nepal Government planning.


  • Fistula Centre staff nurse receiving online coaching for Bachelor of Nursing exam.
  • Patient advocate is released for Diploma in counselling modules, one year completed.
  • Fistula Centre staff nurse awaiting opening of application for anaesthetic technician training. (NB no training was available in 2021/2022)
  • INF Fistula outreach workers are trained in fistula awareness and receive quarterly refresher at review in Fistula Centre.
  • National Health Training Centre visit by INF Fistula Centre team for discussion of inclusion of Fistula awareness in FCHV training package. Suitable fistula training materials offered for inclusion.



The Fistula Centre will be under the management of the local government hospital from 2024 and all capacity building activities are aimed to ensure that a high quality service for women with fistula will continue.
Fistula awareness activities and fistula inclusion in government planning aim to eventually eradicate obstetric fistula in Nepal through prevention activities and treatment of those already suffering fistula.

Special features:

Fistula service is itself an innovative in the Karnali Province, where there lacks many specialized services.

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